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Long term contracts? No thank you.

At Design Co Studio, we believe long term contracts are of the past. With the agility that comes for small businesses and startups, you’d much rather have flexibility for your web design, right? Introducing, the web design flexi pack.

We only require an initial 3 months so we can bring your website up to date and speed. Thereafter, you can cancel any time – no questions asked.

Cancel any time after the first 3 months.

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Outdated Content Syndrome

The Web Design Flexi provides you full flexibility in updating your website, at any time. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new page or you need to tune up an existing one. Keep your website fresh, keep it updated at no extra cost. Google will even rank your page higher if your content is fresh and updated. Get what you need without racking up a bill.

Cancel any time after the first 3 months.

Need new pages? No problem.

Your Web Design Flexi includes having new pages built for your website. Whether you launch a quick campaign or want to collect email addresses, it’s all possible with your web design subscription.

Cancel any time after the first 3 months.

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Keeping your website protected

Hackers prey on small business websites because they think they’re easy to hack and take over. Your Web Design Flexi includes added website security, keeping you protected every time. No matter if you run an eCommerce or a service site. You’re in safe hands.

Cancel any time after the first 3 months.

Stay in the loop

As a small business or startup owner, staying on top of your competition and market is essential. Receive suggestions and updates from us for new developments and gaps in your market that you can leverage for your business.

Cancel any time after the first 3 months.

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Modern & Slick Design

Designing a modern and slick design shouldn’t be a luxury for you. It doesn’t need to break the bank either. We design and build beautiful websites that instil trust in your visitors which also makes your brand look professional for your customers. We’ll never compromise on design – ever. Need to update it later to something new and refreshing? We’ve got that covered too.

Cancel any time after the first 3 months.

Free website assets

Businesses generally struggle with website images, icons, illustrations and more. You end up resulting in using photos taken at awkward angles on your iPhone. This impacts how your prospects view your content, 65% of people leave a website if the imaging doesn’t look clean and pro. Don’t be that business! The Web Design Flexi includes providing beautiful assets for your website if you need it.

Cancel any time after the first 3 months.

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Available, Always

Need some help super fast with your website? We’re here for you. There’s no need to wait forever on the phone, and centuries for an email to come through to help you remedy the problem. Text us, call us, Slack us. We’re available everywhere all the time.

Cancel any time after the first 3 months.

Our team is local

We’re based in London. To maintain the quality of our service and support, we do not outsource our projects, they stay with us and we’re in control of it at all times. Whether you’re working late at night or early morning and happen to bump into a problem, reach out and we’ll get it sorted asap.

Cancel any time after the first 3 months.

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The power is in your hands

Have access to your entire project at all times. We don’t believe in keeping your website and hosting a secret from you. If you need to share your details, it’s all yours. If you need to change our team to another one, it’s all yours. The moment we set up your project, we’ll provide your credentials with complete transparency.

Cancel any time after the first 3 months.

Website Hosting

Not sure about hosting packages and servers and all that stuff? No problem, we provide website hosting for your website, inclusive of your Web Design Flexi package. There’s nothing to worry about, and there’s no need to incur any additional costs either.

Cancel any time after the first 3 months.

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Digitally streamlining your processes

It’s hard thinking about automation when you’re consumed in the daily grind of your business. As part of your Web Design Flexi pack, we discover inefficiencies in your business process and help you make it better, faster and automated. Freeing you up to focus on core business tasks.

Cancel any time after the first 3 months.

Need to leave us? No questions asked

For whichever reason you decide to cancel your services with Design Co Studio, there are no cancellation fees or bitter feelings and awkward questions. We’ll help you migrate your website across to your new service provider, you’ll have ownership of the whole thing. No need to start again and again. (We hope this never happens!)

Cancel any time after the first 3 months.

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