WordPress Web Design For Small & Medium Businesses

Say good-bye to technical jargon, confusing lines of code, long waiting times and a huge splash on cash. Say hello to WordPress Web Design. A simple and affordable way to design, create and launch your small business online.

Super-Fast Website Build

Get your online business up and running in a matter of weeks. Say goodbye to months and years of chasing and email spamming.

Rank Higher on Google

We start off all websites with basic SEO. Every business needs the advantage to rank in the SERP. Let's get you ranking.

You're In Total Control

We'll mentor you on how to use your website. No need to wait around or depend on anyone for quick updates and adjustments.

Protected With Security Add-ons

Keep the hackers at bay with security protocols. Whether you're an eCommerce business or a service one, you're in safe hands.

Maintain & Manage

Design Co removes the complexity of your website management. Using a reputable CMS like WordPress, you can maintain full control of your site. As small business owners, being agile and fast is key. We’re here to remove the waiting around and dependency of developers taking forever to make a small change. We’re putting the power in your hands, and to top it off – our team of experts will mentor you on making basic changes to your website.
Website Management
Website Launch

Launching Faster Than Ever

WordPress is a content management system (CMS). It’s already built in with the foundations of creating a website. At Design Co we harness the complex features of WordPress to build websites faster and stronger than ever before. The minimum turn around time we have for a WordPress web design ranges from just a few hours to a couple of weeks.

Solution-Driven Results

Design Co isn’t like your typical web design consultancy or a freelancer you may have used before. Our team are business focused and goal drive. This means that we can help provide solutions for your business processes that your website can take care of, easy peasy.

What does this mean for you?

Free up your time focusing developing other areas of your business, save a tonne of admin work and start automating business processes for efficiencies.

Solution Driven
Website SEO Ranking

Start Ranking on Google

Give your business the head start it needs to start ranking on Google. Businesses that do not have their websites ranking on the search engine are losing out on a bunch of leads every single year, month, day and second.

SEO takes time, with a bit of patience and careful planning, you can outrank your competitors in your local area or the areas you serve as a business.

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