Empowering Your Sales With An Shopify SEO Website

Design Co uses Shopify to facilitate for a powerful eCommerce infrastructure that handles everything from web design, product management, inventory, shipping and more. It’s a scalable solution for your eCommerce store. Shopify SEO is an exclusively known tactic with Design Co. We use various techniques and skills to drive more customers to your site for more sales.

Get your products ranking number 1

As an online store, there are various SEO tactics that can be adapted to start ranking up. Typically most of our customers run with off-page SEO which is great, but is it enough? Briefly, off-page SEO is a strategy that revolves around you sharing your content that is away from your website, eg. Social Media. With the right words, key phrases and descriptions, we’ll have your product ranking in no time.

Buyers intent

The secret sauce to any SEO is knowing who your customers are. Design Co deep-dives into discovering your visitors and their habits, what they enjoy, what they need help with and more. With this information, we curate the ultimate description that will satisfy your buyers intent.

Cost-saving tactics

With SEO in general, there is never a need to have a budget like you do for ad spends. For example PPC campaigns. eCommerce SEO is super effective because it gives you the ability to rank higher for search intents made by your customers. That is why showing up on the first page is absolutely essential to maximise your results.

Discover target keywords

Knowing who you’re targeting is hyper important, otherwise, who are we aiming for? Design Co discovers tonnes of keywords and phrases that your website can rank for. It’s never easy, key words and phrases are very competitive but it’s all about the strategy and content created to allow Google to think yours is better and bumping you up a few spaces on the search engine.

Rank on Page 1 of Google
Get more traffic driven to your website with well optimised content.
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