Web Design for Small & Medium Businesses

Design Co offers web design services in London, Croydon, Purley and worldwide for small businesses! We’ve worked with a range of SMEs from creating service-based websites to eCommerce websites where our clients can sell their products online and grow.

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Web Design for Small & Medium Businesses

At Design Co we offer two types of website services, WordPress websites and Shopify websites. These are two popular and powerful technologies to use to build businesses online. With a range of templates available, it makes development and go-live time significantly faster and more affordable for SMEs. We do not build bespoke web design and web application projects.

WordPress Websites

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Design Matters

Delight your visitors when they are visiting your website with a powerful experience and great web design.

Build trust by creating valuable content as well as having a clean and responsive web design. When your visitors land on your web page, you don’t want them to feel as though they have landed on a dodgy website. Web design helps reflect your brand, your business and provides the essential content for your visitors.

Hook your visitors to your website by creating a web design that will delight them. Being able to provide valuable content along with design can create a better overall user experience. With a better user experience, you can create customer delight. Smooth animations, clean design, fast loading, responsive to mobile do not all have to be luxuries.
Better quality of design helps with SEO too. Google ranks websites higher for faster loading pages, mobile responsiveness and the quality of traffic that is reaching the website overall.

Design meets function, Web design is about an experience that is visually pleasing, but it is also about functional design. Design Co creates powerful web designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound. Pairing the two creates a fully-fledged website created from either WordPress or Shopify.

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