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We’re a London-based SEO and Web design studio that works with small and medium-sized businesses. Design Co empowers SMEs with more than a pretty website. Your website is your sales assistant, how much of it is selling for you right now? – Probably not a lot if you’re here. Design Co is about creating an effective web and optimisation strategy. A strategy that helps connect with your customers and gives them the best of what they are looking for. What good is a website that cannot be found on Google search?

What Our Clients Say


Nand has been so helpful and it’s been so useful having a London-based SEO and web design expert around who is incredibly responsive and switched on!

After having spent ridiculous amounts of money and seeing barely any results Nand was honestly a saviour! I have seen a huge ROI and helped propel my business to new levels!

Recommend Nand to anyone needing SEO or Web help in any form!

A website that's the driver of your sales

We’ve seen a bunch of websites out there that just look pretty. Unfortunately, pretty isn’t the only thing that’s going to drive sales. Work with our team at Design Co and develop a website for your visitors that will bring in more leads and sales for you. 
We’ll collaborate with you to create customer value for your visitors from your products and services. At the end of the day, your visitors will take action if they believe in the information your website provides them. Whether you’re selling a product or a service package, our team will help you design a story around it and present the benefits to your visitors.
Food for thought: When you’re shopping to buy the new Sony Play Station 5 online, did you read about what comes in the box, the bundles, the features and characteristics it comes packed with? Of course you did. Just as much, your visitors want enough information to make a buyers decision.
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Content that matters

Ever wondered why some websites tend to sell products much better than others? How they get more sales than you as a competitors even though you have the same/similar product?

It’s all in the sales copy and page structure. At Design Co we work with small and medium-sized businesses to write focused website copy that will resonate with your visitors.

Our team will work with you to write actionable copy for your target audience and website. Once we learn more about your brand, your tone of voice and how customers are currently engaging with your business, we can write powerful and meaning content that will convert leads into sales! Hurray!

Powerful web technologies

At Design Co, we work with future-ready technology that will keep your websites up to date and running well.  With engines like WordPress, Shopify and Wix, the code to your website will never be outdated and neither will the technology. Using CMSs like WordPress, Shopify and Wix allow you as the website and business owner to maintain full control. This saves you time and money in the long run when you need to make minor tweaks to your website.
With accelerator packs like SEO, you’ve got no time to be waiting around when growing a business. The future is here and now.
Future-Ready Technology Design Co
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Save time and thousands of pounds.

Speed is everything, especially as a small business owner where time is of the essence. Gone are the days where you spend a bunch of money on a site that takes months even years to have ready.

We know what it’s like when you want to launch your business and get it off the ground as quickly as possible, the technology we use can help you get up and running in just a short 2 weeks or less!

At Design Co, we use powerful CMSs (content management systems) to design and build websites. Why? Well because they’re super fast, easy to manage, all in your control and cheaper. – It doesn’t even sound too good to be true, it is true.

If you’re unfamiliar with WordPress, Shopify or Wix, not to worry, our consultants provide free mentorship upon project completion so you’re up to date with your brand new site and can make adjustments when and where you need. Any time, any place.

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