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Before app developers, come the UX UI designer, that’s us. We design products that want to be used, that people want use, that need to be used.

We design with purpose, solving real life problems with clean and mean design solution. Our UX UI designers create for the future.

Here to join your app development journey. Where are you now?

Build your product the way that fits your business and your users. Whether you're starting new or want to redesign your existing app, we're here to help.

Starting on a fresh canvas

Starting a new project? Learn more about how we can help you reach from design to market.

Redesign my app

Got an existing app and need a new intuitive design? Learn how Design Co can help.

Your product will look good, but it will work even better.

Design Your Product With Purpose

Bloated apps with tonnes of features and zero direction? Who wants to use something like that? Probably no one.

With our UX Research process, we learn more about your users and design solutions to the problems they face. Making your app simple, effective and easy to use.

An experience of a lifetime.

Comfortable & Interactive UX UI

Creating a fun and enjoyable experience of your application adds credibility and reassurance that your users will continue to use the app.

All we have to do is work with you to solve their problem and design it as it’s the best thing they’ve ever used.

Ready to build an app that not only looks great but functions well?

Create Unity.


Consistency is the simple most important aspect, especially when you want to create a brand out of your product. Users should feel connected, engaged, involved and loved.

Creating an experience and design that is consistent across your website, app and business allows users to feel like that.

Your Users Are In Control

Power To The People

Anything our UX UI designers create, we believe in providing total flexibility and control to the end-users.

The users should feel at ease when using your product, to feel comfortable reverting from mistakes they might make in the app.

They need to feel like it’s theirs and they have control over what they use.

Faster design, better workflow

Building Design Systems for faster and collaborative work

A designs ystem in UI allows for a faster workflow. Each component is built unique to your project and accessible throughout your figma project file. This makes it easier to collaborate, work faster and build faster.
The project blueprint - kinda.


Before the colours, before the details, our UX UI designers draw out each project with basic shapes and in black and white. This depicts the idea of what your flow is going to be like and the structure of the product.

From this we carry through the user journey learning more about how a user will interact with your product, can it be faster? efficient? simple?

The wholesomeness

UX UI Designers splash the ink and details

See your product truly come to life with all the components from the wireframe designed with detail, colour and effects.

Building out the UI allows you to see the potential of your product before ever having to go through the costly exercise of building it out, then realising that it’s not what it should be.

Interact with the UI

Prototyping & Interaction

Using our awesome design tools, we add UX flow interaction to your product, this will allow you to put a prototype on your phone and interact with it on image form. We play out the user journey and demo the user experience, iterate and improve.

How it works

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Create your app design

Bring your idea to life from a document to wireframes to a full fledged interactive UI. It's real before it's coded.

UX/UI Designer Projects all the way from London

We're super proud to share our projects with you. Whether they're concept ideas we're excited to share or even client projects too. You still get to see our style of work and our process to approaching projects.

The two power tools we use for our UX/UI Design Projects

Figma for UI and collaboration with stakeholders, marketers, designers, developers and prototyping

Miro for planning, brainstorming and wireframing, collaboration with the whole team involved in your project.

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