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Local SEO

Our local SEO agency provides services that improves your local search rankings. Connect with your audience in the local area for the products and services they’re searching for. Design Co focuses on local SEO strategies that position your business in front of your customers every time they make a search on Google.

Remember typing in: “coffee shop near me” or “accountant in London”? – Now imagine your customers searching for your business in the same way.

What is Local SEO?

Are you a local business that is looking to connect with the people in your area? Local SEO is a search engine optimisation tactic. It enables business owners to be seen by their audience in their local area.

This is a scaled strategy when you’re operating from many locations. Also, the the local SEO tactic is applicable to startups and small businesses that are working from a co-working space. It’s time to dominate your local search with Local SEO.

Local SEO

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Snack Pack

Sounds delicious doesn’t it. But it’s not lunch I’m afraid. Snack packs are those local business listings shown by Google before the organic listings.

For any local business, this is the competitive edge they have when someone local is searching for their business. So how do you actually rank higher on the snack pack?

There are several factors to consider, let’s just list a few to give you an idea. Ratings, feedback, popularity, optimisation and more.

Your business is not listed on Google? Not to worry follow this guide to get listed for free.

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Ready to list your business on Google? See the free step-by-step guide to optimise your listing.

Review Optimisation

Reviews are the most underestimated components of local SEO. Google ranks your local business respectively to how your customers review it and provide comments. The key here is the more information and feedback that is provided by your customers is beneficial during the search queries. This could be a particular item on your menu, a product in your store, a service that you offer and do remarkably well. The more detail the better.

Are you ready to work on review tactics?

Design Co Reviews Optimisation

NAP - Name, Address, Phone Numbers

Google verifies your business listing position on the information it can verify about you. For example, if you have a Google My Business listing and you have no address on your website, it can affect your listing. This is why your NAP needs to be 100% updated…everywhere. This includes directories that list your business.


Additional SEO Services

Content SEO

An SEO strategy where we at Design Co create content to add value to your visitors. High-quality content builds for a strong brand reputation and trust. This leads to more conversions.

eCommerce SEO

Dominate your niche with product optimisation. Rise above the few lines that describe your products. Your customers want information and they want it fast.

Services SEO

Optimise your service-based business and capture more leads for your local small business. Design Co can develop an SEO strategy to help you dominate your competitors.

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