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Increase your sales with eCommerce SEO. Organically ranking the products on your online store for more conversions. Design Co works with dozens of small and medium businesses to improve their search ranking and win more sales.

E-Commerce SEO
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Drive traffic to your eCommerce store with eCommerce SEO tactics that will rank your products higher, be found easier and of course, sell better.

Products SEO

Turning great products into great sales

You have an amazing product. Now you just need to optimise it so your ideal customers can find it. Design Co optimises eCommerce products with the buyers intent in mind. No paid ads.

Learning About Your Buyers
Optimising your products to the visitors. With product stores, we map out the buyers intent and optimise using competitive keywords.
Keywords Ranking
With our keywords analysis tactic, we’ll be able to discover the highest competing keywords and phrases for your products.
Tuning To Sell
Do your products provide enough information to influence your visitors decision to buy? Tune your products descriptions and benefits to rank and sell.
Any Industry
Irrespective your industry, the fundamentals of eCommerce SEO are the same. The factors to consider are some of the following, is your product popular in the market? What purpose does it serve? What problems does it solve? Who is going to buy it? What do they need to know about it? etc.
Your Product
You can literally sell anything online. As long as your products solve a particular problem and your prospective customer see value in your that, what real reservation do they have to buy it? A great product is only the start, but you need an audience who is going to buy it.
Your Audience
We often assume that we know who our audience is. Without really knowing, the information you put out there may not actually connect with the people you think it. Design Co runs a full audit on audience discovery, learning where they hang out, the things they like, the issues they’re facing and in this way, we describe your product to solve those pain points. It creates value.
Industry Segments

Optimise any product, from any industry

Whether you’re in beauty, dental, technology, books and more, the core principles of eCommerce SEO will always be there. They do come with their own set of challenges but it’s not impossible to rank higher for the new Oral-B electric toothbrush compared to useful service package you’re selling to clients online.

Content SEO

Creating product value

Learning to create value with your products entices more customers to buy from you. Having bland product descriptions and lack of information will never convert your website visitors into sales or leads.

Keyword research plays a huge role when it comes to describing products. This is because you’re aiming at a particular set of people, keyword research guides us to get in front of those customers who are using those keywords and phrases in their search query on search engines.
Product Description
The most common mistake is having enough information for your prospective customer to make a buying a decision. It will take more than just 2-5 lines that are copied and pasted from your suppliers website or price list.
Enough Information
Providing enough information brings confidence to the customers, answers their questions or concerns they may have and being able to tell them how this particular product will benefit their lives.

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Create a simple yet beautiful website for your business. Design Co has built a number of websites for all kinds of businesses around London, Croydon, Purley and more. Not sure about the direction you should drive your business? Not to worry, explore our consultancy package.

eCommerce SEO for small and medium businesses

Working With Local Businesses

Design Co are local eCommerce SEO experts. We work with local small and medium businesses for SEO & Web Design in Croydon, Purley and London. At the heart of our economy are small and medium businesses, we are the pillars of the economy. Every business serves a specific purpose and eCommerce SEO helps enhance that purpose with organic ranking.

eCommerce SEO is about providing enough value on your product pages in order for them to rank higher with specific SEO keywords and phrases. In addition to Croydon, Design Co provides eCommerce SEO services in Purley and also eCommerce SEO for businesses in London.

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