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Increase your sales with eCommerce SEO. Organically ranking the products on your online store for more conversions. Design Co works with dozens of small and medium businesses to improve their search ranking and win more sales.

Buyers Intent

Know exactly what your customers are looking for. Position your products in front of your customers with organic SEO.

More Sales

Drive more sales to your online store with eCommerce SEO. More Traffic => More Sales.


Enhance your online store with powerful keyword driven product descriptions and rank for more traffic to your website

Turning great products into great sales

You have an amazing product. Now you just need to optimise it so your ideal customers can find it. Design Co optimises eCommerce products with the buyers intent in mind. No paid ads.

We actively learn about your buyers, about how they search Google, what they’re looking for and the terms they use to find it. With our data-driven research, creating impactful product descriptions can really benefit purchases.

With our advanced keyword analysis approach, our team will find competitive edges in your industry that can really boost your sales.

Do your products provide enough information to influence your visitor’s decision to buy? Tune your products descriptions and benefits to rank and sell.

Design Co work with a range of eCommerce businesses from pharmaceuticals to luxury delicacies. Regardless of the niche, we dig deeper into every single one. As a warm-up, ask deeper questions about your product. Here are three to start you off:

1. Why would someone buy your product?

2. How is it going to better their life?

3. What problem are you truly going to solve?

At Design Co we ask questions of a similar nature to really dive deep into our customer’s psychology.

Currently running an eCommerce store but just not driving enough sales? Our team can help really dive deep into your product and understand what needs to change.

Customers are always looking to by, we just need to communicate the right message to them, help them find you.

Design Co runs a full audit on audience discovery, learning where they hang out, the things they like, the issues they’re facing and in this way, we describe your product to solve those pain points. It creates value.

Creating product value

The content team at Design Co can work with you and your business to create captivating product titles and descriptions. We will hone in on what really makes your customers tick and what’s going to determine their buying decision.

Deconstructing your product(s) means understanding why it’s a great product. With a deeper and fundamental understanding of your customers, we will understand how they perceive actual value.

eCommerce SEO is about positioning the right product in front of the right customer.

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Increasing the average click-through rate of your products is vital. To do this our team can work with you to create attractive, keyword-focused product titles to drive traffic to your website.

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The most common mistake is not having enough information for your customer to make a buying decision. It will take more than just 2-5 lines that are copied and pasted from your supplier’s website or price list for them to make a decision.

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