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Content Marketing

Content is a powerful thing. It’s the ultimate driver for visitors on your website. At Design Co we work with small and medium sized businesses for SEO content marketing. Content marketing is not about creating vlogs, blogs and posts for the sake of it. We work specifically to your niche, trending topics and the very thing you audience is looking for.

Trending Topics

Design Co creates content based on the latest trends and openings for future trends in your market. Stay ahead of the curve and win your visitors.

Visitors Intent

Take out the guesswork. With data-driven results, we'll know exactly what your market trends are and the content to create

Content That Matters

Creating content for the sake of content is going to get you no where. Provide real value to your audience with quality content. Building trust brings more leads.

Content Marketing That Resonates With Your Customers

Say goodbye to those afternoons sitting at the table, chewing away on your pen thinking about what to write. Content Marketing is about creating content that your audience can resonate with. It’s about empathising with your audience, what are their pain points? How can you help them? This is where creating awesome content stems from.

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SEO Tactics

With SEO research tactics, we write content for your business that reflects your brand, tone of voice and produce content ideas that are truly valuable. There’s a big difference between knowing and assuming what your audience or customers want. 

It all starts with tuning up the content that you already have on your website, focusing on making it useful for your audience and discovering suitable keywords and phrases. Once this starts ranking better, we’ll switch it up and move onto producing content campaigns for your audience.

Discover the trending keywords in your market

Capturing An Audience

No one likes being hard sold to. Customers buy products and services based on the value they see in it. Content marketing is just that, being able to provide value where your audience feel as though they want to subscribe, buy or share your service or product. Building trust is the key.

Design Co Creating Value
Design Co Creating Value

Good Content vs Bad Content

At Design Co, we research and discover market trends, competitors and pain points that your audience is facing. We then construct meaningful content for your visitors they can connect with, get inspired by and take action on your offering.

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