Search Engine Optimisation

Rank Your Website Higher On Google.
Meet Search Engine Optimisation

Improve your Google search ranking with SEO. Design Co provides SEO for small businesses, bringing in more organic traffic, leads and revenue. Go from being invisible to visible for your customers. Rank your website higher on google

rank your website higher on google

Increase Website Traffic With SEO

SEO is a powerful inbound marketing strategy that gets you in front of your
customers who search for a particular service or product.

Increase Visibility
With SEO
Be found by the keywords and phrases used by your visitors. Outshine the competitors.
Content Matters
for SEO
Content that matters to your customers but also benefits for ranking higher on the SERP.
Beat The
Shape up your site to rank higher and beat your competitors. Spend less on ads and win with organic growth.
SEO is Organic
SEO isn't like paid advertising. There are no big ad budget spends with SEO. It’s investing into long term growth of your website online.

Why Focus on SEO for Small Businesses?

The internet is filled with billions of pages of content. SEO focuses on creating content and providing value to your customers all whilst ranking higher on the search engine. Design Co has worked with several small businesses in London, Croydon and Purley to rank them higher in the SERP.

SEO vs Paid Ads

Paid ads on social media are powerful tools to help advertise businesses. But, what happens when you stop those ads? What happens if they get too expensive with little ROI?

Structured SEO and content marketing will help your website rank higher on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This will help your customers find you organically. There are no bids on keywords, and so, no large ad payments.

Better ranking, more leads, increased revenue.
rank your website higher on google

Finding Competitive Keywords

Enter your industry or related words into the box below and see what competitive keywords you can rank for, with ease.

Getting Your Website To The Top of Google

Your website is only a part of the journey. Your customers need to be able to find you, otherwise what is it good for right? With SEO, rank your website for the keywords your customers are searching for and your competitors are paying for.

Did you know: 71% of searchers don't look beyond the 1st page of Google? This is why SEO is so important!

Are you ready to out rank your competition?
Keyword Research

Deep diving into your industry to discover which words and phrases your competitors are ranking for and how competitive they are.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Optimising the percentage of visitors who carry out a desired action on your website. This can be a purchase, add to cart etc.

Competitors Analysis

Learning how your competitors are performing, what are they doing right? What can be improved? Is there potential to outrank your competitor?

Improve Domain Authority

Enhancing the relevance of your website to your industry. The relevance of your website has a direct impact on how well you rank.

rank your website higher on google
SEO techniques used at Design Co

SEO For Small Businesses:

We're equipped with the right tools and strategies to make your business successful whether it's a brick and mortar business or an online business. Increase website traffic and rank your business website on Google.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an SEO strategy used to create valuable and relevant content for your visitors. This content can turn into profitable actions by your visitors.
seo for small businesses - content marketing seo - rank your website higher on google

Local SEO

Local SEO is the strategy that is used to rank your local physical business on search engines. The way this works is search engines take your location into consideration when your audience is making a search online.
seo for small businesses - local seo - rank your website higher on google

Service-based SEO

Design Co focuses serviced-based SEO for businesses that are in the service industry. This ranges from anything around consulting, accounting, restaurants, and more. This strategy discovers leading keywords and phrases within your industry and finding new ways to attract your audience.
rank your website higher on google

eCommerce SEO

Organically boost the sales of your products with eCommerce SEO. Optimising your products can help you become visible to your customers when they need them.
seo for small businesses - eCommerce seo - rank your website higher on google

On-page SEO

On-page SEO(onsite SEO) strategy is all the work that is done on your website to get you optimised, ranking higher on the search engine results and driving you valuable traffic.
seo for small businesses - onpage seo - rank your website higher on google

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO (offsite SEO) is a practice where there is work on SEO, just off the website. This includes social media, link building and guest-posting and more.
seo for small businesses - off-page seo - rank your website higher on google
Keyword Research
Discover and rank higher on the high performing and competitive words and phrases in your niche.
Competitors Analysis
Researching who your competitors are and discovering out what makes their business tick.
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Increasing the percentage of users taking action on your website, also known as conversions.
Domain Authority Improvement
Domain Authority is the relevance to the subject of your website. The relevance of your content has a direct impact on search engine rankings.
Analytics & Traffic Monitoring
Monitoring the progress of your website, your pages, blog content, conversions and more.
Competitors Research
The best way to do business? Know who your competition is. With SEO we have direct and indirect competitors.
Content Marketing
Creation of valuable content for your visitors is the key to successful SEO. Design Co discovers trends and produce content that is appealing to your visitors.
Link Building
Link building is a tactic to increase the number of quality inbound links. Having high authority links coming into your website increases your ranking position.

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