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Win business from your prospects by outranking your competitors website with our monthly SEO services. If you don’t, they will.
Use pin-sharp focus strategies to concentrate on the keywords your prospects are searching for online.
SEO is a long term strategy. Keep growing whilst we keep optimising you. It’s time to shine bright

Is your business currently facing... 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️

A great looking website that functions well is only the beginning. But what about your SEO ranking? Our SEO experts work with you to set your goals and boost your ranking to the first page of Google. Join our monthly SEO services today.

To Infinite Growth & Beyond 🚀

See how our customers feel about the monthly SEO services with Design Co Studio.

1. Find Your Competitors 👨🏻‍💼

Who you think your customers are and who they actually are could be different. Let’s find them and see what they’re doing.

2. Find your top ranking words 📈

Find the most attractive keywords your visitors are searching for on Google. We’ll measure the volume and the amount of traffic your competitors are getting from these lovely words

3. Content Creation ✍️

Strong topics and great content shows your expertise in your industry, let your prospects know they can rely on your information and use you as a trusted guide and do business with you.

4. Technical SEO ⚙️

Looking after the technical nit bits keeps your website running smoothly and Google liking you more to rank you higher. Let’s be Googles friend!

5. Local Business SEO📍

Generate more business from the locals in your area by using our local SEO services. If you’re a small local business, before even thinking global, think local.

6. SEO Consulting 💬

You have a goal, you have a vision, we have the tools and the skills, let us be your equipped guide to take you forward and truly grow your business for the long haul.

Run An SEO Audit 🕵🏻‍♂️

Curious to learn how your website stacks up against your competitors? Before joining our monthly SEO services, we can run an audit on your existing website. What’s included in the audit?

SEO Audits are chargable at £350 per website. If you join the SEO Flexi services, this will be deducted from your initial subscription amount.

Companies we’ve helped rank to the 1st page of Google with Data-Driven Strategies

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The Magic

How our SEO Packages work at Design Co

Schedule free workshop
Discuss your project with us and we’ll learn more about your business, your goals and we’ll then suggest a plan of action
Subscribe to the monthly SEO services
Join Design Co on the not-so-NASA mission to skyrocket your brand. No contracts, just a 3-month initial commitment for us to deliver results
Continue growing
Our SEO services will help your business propel in the search engine rankings bringing you continuous traffic and leads. There's no slowing down now.
Ranking Envy

Take your competitors spotlight

Tired of seeing your competitors taking your prospects? Work with our SEO consultants and experts in London to boost your business in the ranks. It’s time to be #1 in your industry.

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Your Competitors


Your competitors on the outside world aren’t the same in the digital world. We’ll discover your online competitors, which of their website pages are receiving the most traffic and why. Their keywords are no secret with out Keywords Analysis process.

Master Plan

Devising a killer ranking strategy with our SEO Experts

We’ll work with you to create a strong SEO strategy that will help your website rank for numerous keywords. This is where we pick up on your company value and maximise it’s efforts in the form of content, topics, sub-topics and more. Ready to rank?

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Content Content Content...we hear it all the time!

Content is like the infinity stones of the web

Google and Bing rank content based it’s relevancy. Without producing great content, your website will just be lost in an alternative universe where no one will know of your existence. Content provides value, sharable material and relevant topics. Your website..even your business won’t work online without it. Ready to assemble the SEO-engers?

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Looking to take your business online or tune your existing one? Check out our Web Design Flexi Subscription pack. We build for simple management and accelerated growth.