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Doing More With Your Pharmacy Online

Blazing Fast Pharmacy Website Design For Independent & Group Pharmacies.

We work with pharmacies across the UK to deliver a high-performing website that drives traffic to your pharmacy. As a result, you can expect more appointments, awareness of your services, local coverage and, most importantly, growth.

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pharmacy website design

Increase Customer Footfall

Increase the number of customers visiting your pharmacy.

Increase Pharma Revenue

More customers means more revenue for the pharmacy. Cross sell your products.

Increase Pharma Patient List

Create a patient database that you can communicate with regularly.

Grow With Google & Bing SEO

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Gearing up your pharmacy website to sell more, automate travel vaccines and prescriptions.

Your pharmacy website is the stepping stone to getting your business found online. We help optimise pharmacies and travel clinic services to local areas. Show up when customers search for terms like "flu vaccination near me".

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Bored and frustrated of having a quiet travel clinic?

Add #MORELIFE To Your Prescription Services

Grow your patients and increase pharmacy traffic flow by ramping up your prescription services online.

Whether your pharmacy is using platforms like HealthEra to manage your prescriptions online or looking to implement electronic prescription services to your website, we’ve got you covered.

Let your visitors know they can submit and order repeat prescriptions from a reliable and friendly pharmacy like yours.

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Promote Blister Pack Services

Your customers could be taking regular medication and can't organise it on their own, be the help they need by promoting your blister pack services.

It has never been easier to market your blister pack services to care homes and patients through your pharmacy web design. You can count on Design Co Studio to make blister packs one of the leading services in your local area.

A Few Kind Words From Our Amazing Clients

We work with independent and group pharmacies. Here's what they think of Design Co Studio.

Do our website design services fit your goals for your pharmacy?

At Design Co Studio, we do not build websites for the sake of having one for your business. We build websites that are designed for growth, to generate leads and ultimately make it work for your business.

If our vision of pharmacy growth aligns with you, then we’re ready to work together.

Independant Pharmacies

With great design styles, user experience, and service promotion, we'll get your independent pharmacy flourishing on the internet with a website that speaks your brand, values, and reflects the heart of your independent pharmacy.

Group Pharmacies

Whether it’s 10’s or 100’s of pharmacies, incorporating a strong website design structure enforces the unity of your pharmacy group.

Let your patients know of your available branches and discover the ones local to them.

The Website Has to Work For You

We pride ourselves at Design Co on making your pharmaceutical website work for you.

It provides you with your presence online, brings new patients to your pharmacy, and generates new leads for vaccination bookings.

By building on the list of patients you have, you can increase the value of your pharmacy.

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hosted and managed pharmacy website

Hosted & Fully Managed

Your pharmacy website is well taken care of when it is fully managed, and you can continue to grow and develop your pharmacy while we take care of the online stuff.

Are you ready work, partner?


Our mobile-first pharmacy website design is a leading strategy for search engines when it comes to ranking your pharmacy website on Google and Bing.

Provide a pleasurable user experience on mobile and convert more visitors into leads and life long customers.

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speedy website updates and support

Speedy Website Updates & Support

Your pharmacy has requirements, you need changes and you need them fast. We’re not like most agencies.

We don’t need days and weeks to work on your changes.

You need it, we’re on it straight away.

We’re accessible 365 days, 7 days a week. Talk about customer service right?

Custom Design & Development

Take your website from ordinary to extraordinary with custom website design and develop. Building a unique looking website gives your patients a fresh face, something new and exciting to look at and use. Making things look clinically the same - well is just boring.

We work with modern design and with a user-first mindset. This means offering a pleasurable experience and convert into more sales leads for your pharmacy and travel clinics.

speedy website updates and support
choose the right website builder system

Choosing The Right System

Have you ever found it extremely frustrating when you want to edit your own website but because everything is way over your head you need to wait for your designer or developer to get to you…weeks later?

We focus on using Wix, Squarespace and WordPress. Depending on your technical know-how and how hands-on you want to be, we will specify the appropriate platform for your pharmaceutical clinic.

Fearlessly Built and Designed To Be Yours

Websites are personal to a business. Upon completion of a project we sign off the website directly to our clients for ownership. Our team at Design Co continue to manage and develop the website for your pharmacy as part of package but you own it.

Should you choose to move on to another company or have other people work on your website simultaneously, there’s no fuss, no additional charges, no migration fees. We like to keep things simple, easy and seamless.

fearlessly built and designed to be yours - pharmacy website
pharmacy seo marketing

Google and Bing SEO Ready

SEO is a way of getting your business to rank higher on the search engines. Landing your website on the first page of Google and Bing opens you up to greater opportunity for patient to find your website. We work with existing pharmacies and have taken over search engines for local searches such as “yellow fever vaccinations in streatham”.

Lead Generation

We’ll learn about your business processes and help put together a sales process for your pharmacy. Where most marketing falls short is in the follow up.

Automated lead generation strategies ensure your business is engaging with patients and providing them with the information they need to make bookings, join your pharmacy, register for electronic prescriptions and much more.

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affordable pharmacy website design

Crunching Numbers

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to business and marketing. We work closely with you and your team to put together a package that works for your business. We know what it’s like to be over-specced and completely blown out budget. To obtain the best results, it’s better you contact our team to discuss your pharmacy website design.

We build solutions that work you but also that work for your business.

Data and Analytics

To make better decisions about your business, you need data. With powerful integrations like Google Analytics, you’ll be able to understand more about your website with the right data. For example, the number of visitors, the number of online bookings and sales, popular pages on your website and more.

data and analytics - pharmacy website reporting
pharmacy website chat integration

Website Chat Integration

Whether your business uses WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or a third-party messaging tool, we’ll help integrate messaging to your website so you can reach your customers easier and faster. Delivery excellent and fast responses can lead to confidence and more leads.