Which Attributes Describe A Good Landing Page Experience

Which Attributes Describe A Good Landing Page Experience

Landing pages can be a great way to set your focus on promoting a particular product or service. It removes all the distractions away from the rest of your website posts and pages, but what attributes describe a good landing page experience?

According to HubSpot the average across all industries has a conversion rate of 9,7% – That is, whilst 10% is marked as a good conversion rate.

We understand it’s a standalone focus page that hones in on a particular service or product.

This makes for a pretty powerful page for advertising, doesn’t it?

These pages are designed to drive traffic and acquire new customers.

It’s important to make the distinction now that landing pages are different to your regular service and product pages. – However, we will discuss this in more detail shortly.

What is a landing page?

Before we get into the ins and outs of landing pages and what attributes make them a great attribution to your campaigns, I’d like you to take a moment to understand what they are.

A landing page is a type of web page created for a specific purpose, typically to appear as the first page a user encounters upon clicking on an advertisement or search result.

In general, landing pages provide the visitor with a focused experience, usually with one key objective, such as a sign-up or purchase objective.

It is primarily used to gather user information, such as their names and email addresses, or to facilitate action, such as a purchase. 

Landing pages often combine with other marketing tactics, such as email marketing, to create a more targeted and effective campaign.

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A quick note on Ad Quality Score

Landing pages provide a great way to boost your Google Ads quality score.

A quality score is a measure Google makes during the ad creation to bring relevancy based on the keywords used.

In other words, a landing page that is specific to teeth whitening would include keywords such as:

  1. teeth whitening
  2. how to whiten teeth
  3. teeth whitening kits
  4. teeth whitening gel

and more.

At this stage, it wouldn’t make sense to cram all your business keywords into a campaign dedicated to a specific service.

If you do this, your quality score for the ad is going to be lower than it should be, which in turn will result in poor performance of a campaign, a waste of your ad budget and a build-up to frustration why your ad did not perform well.

It is generally not a good idea to do this.

A quick note on Google ads quality score

Which attributes describe a good landing page experience?

There are two types of landing page experiences to discuss. One type is your organic pages which are a part of your overall website services pages. Providing a good experience would entail the following:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Loads quickly
  • Well-formatted content
  • Good use of imaging
  • Easy and simple content to get the point across to visitors

The list goes on.

The second type is a landing page designed purely for your ads. The type of content you will provide for this will vary slightly. Landing pages for ads focus on the following:

  1. A clear call to action
  2. A clear list of benefits of your product or service
  3. Use of good sales copy
  4. Practical empathy
  5. Limited navigation to maintain focus on the page. Remove everything that could be a distraction for the visitors to reach their end goal.

As well as much more.

Let’s see what attributes are in store to get you to create the most effective landing pages that will lead to the growth of your healthcare business.

1. Uncomplicated and Clutter-Free Design

A simple and clear design will help your page visitors quickly understand your message and take action.

A simple and clear design will make it easier for your visitors to take action.

It’s important to design your landing page with a simple, clean design consistent with the rest of your website. It should also be engaging and visually appealing to get users to click.

To maximise the effectiveness of your landing page, make sure it’s well-designed with quality pictures, persuasive copy, and a clear call to action.

2. Help Landing Page Visitors Accomplish Goals

A successful landing page should have a singular goal.

Whether it’s signup, booking or purchase – have a singular focus per landing page you create. You should pay attention to what your patients want.

Usually, they have a problem they are trying to solve, and you should clarify that your service offers a solution to the problem.

For example, if a patient has missing teeth, it doesn’t make sense to lead them to a landing page advertising fillings and hygiene appointments.

Instead, it should be focused on dental implants.

uncomplicated and clutter free landing page design

3. Ready For Mobile

There are 5.22 billion in the world that use mobile phones. Aka, 66% of the global population.

Simply put, everyone you’d be looking to target for your campaigns is a mobile user.

Google announced a while ago that it would be focused on “mobile-first” experiences when crawling and indexing pages.

In other words, they prioritise how your websites and landing pages that function on mobile before considering the desktop version of your website.

Providing a seamless and fast experience is what helps users find what they need quickly whilst enjoying the utility of your website.

4. Page Loading Time

It’s important to understand perhaps of very many goals of Google. They certainly want to deliver quality and accurate information to their visitors quickly.

A website that is not optimised for speed can result in a poor landing page experience for your visitors.

They’ll become incredibly frustrated because they are trying to access your website for some information or service, and it’s just too slow to get them there.

You do not need to panic.

There are many ways to increase the performance of your website. To name a few:

  • Reduce the size of your images
  • If you’re using video, make sure they’re hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. This will keep the loading time of your website smooth and quick
  • Have a simple theme on your website (If you’re using WordPress). To give you a helping hand, these are some WordPress themes that we use at Design Co Studio to keep our clients websites small and fast.
  • Don’t have too many plugins. Keep it simple and functional
  • Use good server hosting

These are some of the basic factors that can help immediately lift the speed of your website.

If you’re using systems like Squarespace or Wix, then the servers and themes will not play a role for you.

However, the size of the images and videos still will so make sure you look into that.

You can also check out the speed and performance of your website using Google Page Insight Tool.

page loading speed - design co studio

5. Focused and Relevant, and Original Content

To create a good landing page, remember who it’s for and the purpose of creating it in the first place.

It’s essential to separate the thoughts of the purpose of its creation to be monetary.

Though that may be your goal internally, you need to dig a little deeper and ask yourself, what does your customer want?

For example, as we’re in the healthcare marketing niche, let’s say we’re focusing on client leads in the dentistry niche.

The contents of this page should be:

  • Keywords focused around dental marketing, the website for dentists or SEO for dentists, et cetera.
  • The page copy should highlight only the benefits of what I’m trying to promote. My page should focus on the keywords related to SEO for dentists if I am promoting this service. A page about responsive website building would be irrelevant if my ad read “Grow your practice 10x using SEO.“. Your story needs to connect end to end.
  • Features and benefits of your products or services
  • Proofs and testimonials to reassure your visitors that they are in good hands and that you do have experience.
  • Introduce one type of call to action. In other words, don’t over-ask your visitors for action. You could mislead them or take them somewhere else entirely different. Which in turn would mean you’ve lost the lead.

Catching my flow?

Let’s continue on our journey.

6. Simplicity

Good landing pages are those that communicate a message effectively. It’s not only about selling. It’s also about trust and relationships.

A single page with a very specific message cannot be for everyone. Work on your landing page to create a message towards your target audience.

For example, Your target audience may be 45-70-year-old women who work as school receptionists and love drinking coffee but don’t have a good oral hygiene routine. Over time their teeth have decayed, chipped, cracked or broken. They’re desperately looking for a way to get their natural functions back and smile and enjoy things as they once did.

Your page might read something like this:

Title: Replace the gaps with natural-looking dental implants.

Body: Dental implants are the perfect solution to missing teeth, and they’re here to stay! Say goodbye to the hassle of temporary solutions and hello to the durability of dental implants. Your smile will thank you for it!

Call to action: Schedule A Consultation

Having a simple language that is not filled with jargon not only enhances your user experience but it helps effectively communicate your message.

Using the correct imaging and evoking the desired emotions from the people that land on the landing page.

The key to successful imaging is that people always see what life looks like on the other side. In other words, they want to see the end goal.

7. Easy Navigation

Now I have mixed feelings about this section.

If I’m laying out best practices, I’d say make sure that your landing page(s) are easy to navigate between. Often, you could have a single-page navigation system.

In other words, you can use your navigation to take you to different sections on the same page!

However, where I’ve seen great results is when the landing page navigation is next to none.

From personal experience, the most effective way to keep your visitors engaged is to just not have navigation on the landing page.

The formula is simple:

  1. Create a landing page
  2. Create the ad
  3. Call the visitors to action
  4. Convert lead
  5. Succeed

The goal of the page is to have the visitor take action. Giving them anything more to do is a deterrent to our goals as a business but as a goal to the visitors too.


You can use this article to better understand what makes a good landing page. The most important thing to remember is that the landing page should be designed so that users can accomplish their goals easily. Something needs to be changed if it takes more than 30 seconds for them to learn everything they need to know.

Nand Shah
Nand Shah

Nand, a graduate from King's College London in Computer Science, is the founder of Design Co Studio. Design Co Studio is a consultancy that is focused on developing and applying digital growth strategies for small healthcare businesses.

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