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Design Co Studio is a dental SEO expert who helps practices improve search engine rankings using various dental SEO tactics.

The outcome of doing SEO on your dental practice website?

Improve your online presence
Attract new patients
Promote treatments
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Dental Marketing SEO Audit

SEO Audit: Uncover Opportunities and Improvements

To help you improve your website and maximise opportunities for better SEO rankings, we'll conduct a free SEO audit of your dental practice website.

dental seo - website audit

What is SEO for dentists?

SEO (search engine optimisation) for dental websites is a technique that ensures that your website consistently ranks higher on the search engine results page. The goal of dental SEO is to get your dental practice to the top position on the search engine without having to pay for Google Ads.

Practices We Work With

VP Implantology
Pola Reza
Smile HQ

Get on top of Google with Dental SEO

Having a fresh mind opens up dynamics to new opportunities. With SEO, it's about getting creative and delivering timeless results for your dental practices, and you will continue to reap the rewards for years to come. Discover the wonders of our professional dental SEO services.

SEO Services For Dental Practices: What We Do For You

To get your dental practice to the top of Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex, our dental SEO experts use a set of comprehensive techniques that bring the best results for your practice.

Local SEO For Dental Practices
We bring closer focus to your local demographic. Local SEO dental marketing reaches customers who live in and around the area of your dental practice. Our SEO experts help optimise your Google business profile listing to reach patients faster with services and promotions.
Site Audit
Site audits keep track of the performance of your website from a health perspective and an SEO perspective for rank monitoring.
Website Page Optimisation
Give your website pages the competitive advantage it needs to rank higher on the search engine results page with dental practice SEO.
Dental Content Marketing
Content marketing is a dental SEO strategy that provides your visitors with useful and meaningful content. It can also drive traffic to websites done well. Content marketing for your practice allows us to discover opportunities that can outrank your competition.
Dental SEO Strategy Development
An SEO campaign should not be treated as a guessing game. A well-organised, well-researched and well-planned SEO campaign will significantly increase the number of customers and profits for your business.
Keyword Research
We find hidden gems through keyword research. Keyword research entails researching your area, practising and discovering and auditing competitors.

Why use Design Co Studios Dental SEO Service?

We're Responsive
In a fast paced environment, we understand what it's like to be needed. We're there for you, when you need us.
We're a Part of Your Team
Our dental SEO experts immerse themselves into your team to understand the most about your practice and deliver exceptional results.
We're Results-Driven
We're motivated by results. Our team will do whatever takes to get you to the top of the search engines results.
Unlimited Content Creation
With a carefully planned content calendar, we continue to enhance your digital growth with content marketing. Find new leads with helpful content.
Unlimited Page Updates
Things change, dental practices are agile but waiting days and weeks for changes to your website? We offer unlimited page updates to keep your website up to date, content refreshed and aligned with your goals.
Unlimited Page Creation
Researching your practice could mean we need to create new pages at any time. Unlimited pages bring you just that with no additional cost. We plan, review, create and launch.
Competitor Dominance
We find competitor weaknesses that help give you the competitive advantage to dominate your area and competition.
No Long-Term Contracts
We don't believe in tying you down. With no long term contracts, you have all the flexibility you need to make better business decisions.

Dental Service Types We Facilitate

We focus our dental SEO marketing services on the following service types within dentistry.

Peak Under Your Competitors Hood

If we're honest, sometimes you've wondered how the practice down the road is getting so many customers. Many leads are coming in for them, and they appear to be very busy. What is the secret to their success?

What will you find?

Ready to find out and create a more vigorous dental SEO marketing campaign?

Our dental SEO agency can help you discover your dream patients

Drive qualified traffic to your business by ranking your dental treatments. Your dental brand can digitally succeed with a clean, organised, responsive website design. Add SEO to your dental website and reach new customers that fit your practice.

Visitor searches for a solution to their problem on Google or Bing
Your local practice shows up to be that solution
They feel confident with what they see, and being local is a bonus
Lead turns into a customer with a booking
You smile, they smile, and we smile. Everyone smiles.

Dental SEO FAQ

Dental SEO is the practice of creating valuable and meaningful content for dental practices that result in higher rankings on search engines.

Dental SEO is an organic way of ranking on search engines compared to Google Ads. Google Ads give faster results, but your position will remain as long as the ads run.

Dental practices that adopt SEO into their marketing strategy see themselves consistently being rewarded by website visits and new leads to their practices; this is because 98% of customer decisions are made on the 1st page of Google alone.

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy. The efforts required to carry out an effective SEO campaign are detailed. It's also a time game. SEO doesn't just stop after a page has been optimised for specific keywords. It's ongoing and forever developing.

Design Co Studio advise that dental practices adopt SEO strategies to their websites for long-term positioning on search engines. This will reward your practice with consistent website traffic, which can turn into leads.

There is no choosing one over the other. The question should be, how can I maximise the potential of both?

Google Ads can immediately put you on the top of Google at a price. To succeed with Google ads, you need a solid strategy from keywords, landing pages, lead flows and more.

SEO focuses more on ranking your website on Google with the produced content.

To get started, you may want to consider a short-term strategy with Google Ads whilst you're adopting SEO. SEO takes time to surface, anywhere between 6-12 months, to see good results.

SEO can take 3-6 or 6-12 months to come to fruition. This, of course, is subjective to the competitiveness of your niche.

For dental practices specifically, we have worked with clients such as Dr Vishal Patel from VP Implantology and seen 1st-page rankings in just a few weeks. It just depends.

To get a better idea for your practice, we would run an analysis and an audit to see what it will take to get your practice ranking on the top page of Google.

  • 1st-page rankings
  • New customers and leads to your website
  • Becoming an authority for treatments in your local area(s)

SEO, in general, is for everyone. But, for many dental practices, is it the right strategy for you?

You may find yourself more successful adapting a social media strategy or Google Ads campaigns instead of SEO.

SEO is subjective on practice budgets and time. It's a long-term strategy.

During our consultation process, we discover whether SEO is genuinely proper for you; if it's not, then we can suggest other strategies you can work with rather than SEO itself.

Indirectly. Social media is a tool that is used to build up awareness about your business. Whilst you're building brand awareness on Instagram, SEO is not directly impacted.