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Where creative minds come together. We’re Design Co Studio, a stand-apart dental branding and website design agency based in London. We create immaculate branding for dental practitioners and clinics. Whether you’re looking for a dental logo design or the complete works for branding, we’re the go-to dental design agency in London.

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Where It Begins: Brand Strategy

Unlock Your Brand

Dental branding is more than a logo. Unlocking your brand strategy can lead to positive recognition and growth.

Brand Story
Stories are a powerful way to connect your brand to your clients.
Brand Mission
Position your brand in a strong direction by articulating your mission.
Brand Philosophy
Establish your way of doing things at your practice. Share your philosophy with your teams.
Brand Attributes
Show off the characteristics to your brand. Clients enjoy a personality.
Brand Values
Execute your brand ideas based on your fundamental values as a brand.
Brand Vision
Create a steady direction of growth by having a vision to work towards.
Look Beautiful

You Too, Deserve To Smile

Logo Design

A creative symbol that represents your brand, applied in your website and marketing.

Brand Palette

Having a consistent brand colour palette makes your content recognisable.


Visual perspective of your new branding when applied to real life subjects.


Choosing the right fonts matter for your brand. You can't be a luxury practice with Comic Sans as your chosen font.

Social Media Templates

Get started with social marketing with precomposed content templates.

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines is a comprehensive document that gives your practice the consistency it needs in all that it does.

Find Your Creative Inspiration

Inspiration can strike at any time. Discover our dental branding projects, from client projects to concept projects. Immerse yourself into our creative world.

Dental Branding Strategy

Get familiar with our dental branding process and what we offer in each section. The journey isn’t just about you and me. It’s about your customers too.

Creating A Grabby Dental Brand Story

Stories have been connecting people for centuries. Remove the guesswork of trying to understand how to connect with your customer.

The brand story framework will guide your brand when connecting your services to your customers, whether it be your website or social media.

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Crafting A Unique Mission Statement

Sometimes, you don’t have all the answers. Our discovery workshop allows us to work with you to explore a higher purpose behind your brand. For your practice to thrive, you and your entire team need to align with your mission statement.

Brand Philosophy: The Way of Doing

Curating an impactful philosophy will dictate your dental practice's way of doing things. Align your team to your company philosophy to maintain a consistent overall output no matter who you serve. Deliver the same excellence throughout every service to every person.

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Brand Attributes with Dental Branding

Also known as Brand Personality. Unlock your brand attributes and let them shine through your dental practice. Brand attributes align with the types of people you are looking to hire for your practice. It also reflects how your clients perceive your brand.

Brand Values: Stand Tall and Proud

You’re bigger than “It’s a great idea”. Brand values define the core beliefs behind a business. In all that you say and do, brand values are the guiding principle behind your dental practices decisions towards an action.

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Vision: Ideas that Guide Your Dental Brand

Articulating your brand vision gives the overall practice a steady direction of growth. The brand vision of your dental practice fits in with your business strategy where it plans to:

Differentiate from competitors
Communicate and build relationships with customers
Resonate with customers

Visual Identity

The perfect style guide should represent your brand as a whole, it completes the aspects of your strategy in a visual form. As part of Design Co Studios dental branding, we encapsulate the strategy with a visual identity.

Dental Logo Design

We elaborate on the brand’s attributes, values, and personality to create a functional logo. From this, we design a symbol representing more than just your name. It’s the beacon of recognition

Discovering Brand Colours

Selecting brand colours is not an arbitrary process. Following the deep notions of colour psychology, we select brand colours that ignite that desire from your audience and passionately exhale the characteristics of your brand.

Brand Mockups

To bring a brand to life, our designers create beautiful mockup concepts with the application of your logo. It allows you to discover the overall feel and visual of your brand. Whether luxury, fun or professional, we’ll create it beyond anything you have imagined.

Social Media Templates

Designing a brand comes with the perks of getting a feel for your social media account before you’ve posted anything. From your brand colour palette, typography and design styles, we’ll provide you with 3 baseline variations that you can use on your social media accounts.


Lettering has the ability to evoke emotions beyond our expectations. The application of various fonts plays a visual aspect in how your brand is perceived. Our brand designers will detail the fonts for your brand as well as its application.

Brand Guidelines

The holy grail of your brand. For every branding project we work through, we design a guide also known as a brand playbook. This details everything you need for your brand. Whether you’re training a team or talking with your marketing and website managers, following a design framework results in consistent results.

Dental Brand Activation

Now that you’ve got your dental branding aligned, the next phase is to activate it. Brand activation is a technique that brings awareness to your dental practice. Discover how Design Co Studio can help with brand activation.

Dental Website Design
Elevate your brand with a sleek and creative website design. No two websites are the same with Design Co Studio.
Dental SEO Marketing
Branding and a website are the first steps to getting your practice online. Level up using marketing to gain new customers.