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Connecting you to your customer with a strong Brand Story Visual Identity Strategy Expression Brand Playbook

By adding clarity to your business, you’ll start to build a brand. Reflect this across your marketing and web design, your customers will love you for it.

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Everything you need to start your brand

Be prepared with the right tools in your brand box for all your marketing and web design efforts.

Brand Story
Your story is the foundation to your brand. Without knowing your story, you can't speak to your customers.
Visual Identity
All the tools that make your brand look pretty and consistent.
Reference your playbook when creating materials for your marketing and website. It'll guide you and keep your brand consistent.

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If you succeed, we succeed

Go Freestyle

What an incredibly creative process, we’re currently going through our rebrand from Freestyle Cuts to Go Freestyle. Glad we chose Design Co Studio.

We Can Properties

We’re an expanding estate agency. Design Co helped us with the branding, bought clarity to our customers and now we’re expanding to a second branch.

Ideaspace Co-working

We wanted to start a creative co-working space. Design Co helped us with our branding and message clarity. We’re now on our way to expanding to a second site.


The 7-step process

1. Brand Audit

Our audit will show how your business is currently performing online compared to your competitors. We’ll learn why your messaging isn’t working well across your marketing and web design. We do the undercover detective work for your business.

2. Going Undercover - Competitors Analysis

Discover who your true competitors are in your niche. We’ll run a deep analysis to understand their strengths, weaknesses are. Plus, we’ll find new opportunities to leverage for your business. Your competitors weaknesses can become your strengths.

3. Composing Your Story

Creating a story puts pin-sharp focus on what your brand has to offer. The story helps customers to understand how they can succeed by using your products and services. Your story will be the guide to problems you address in your marketing and website.

4. Designing Your Identity

Your visual identity will focus on the visual and tone aspects of your brand. Keeping your logo, colour theme, fonts and tones consistent will help your customers recognise you. The identity pack is something we deliver with every project. It consists of:

5. Expression

Brand expression references your tone and voice in human form. It gives your company personality allowing your customers to feel comfortable and recognise you. Deep-dive into your company personality attributes and use them across your marketing and website. Notice what attracts your customers right now.

6. Branding Playbook

Every business needs a playbook. The playbook is a documentation of your businesses voice, tone, colours, fonts and more. The playbook helps keep your team consistent with how they present your company. Avoid having logos of funny sizes, colours and in fonts that do not reflect your brand. The playbook It keeps your brand unified and intact.

6. Copy That Makes Your Audience Tick

It’s not about what you say but it’s about how you say it. Your prospects and visitors need to connect with your message and your brand to evoke action. We write copy that hooks and connects to your prospects deepest desires to solve a problem they so desperately want solving. Provide a solution to their problem, articulate it so they cannot resist and that’s when the big popping call to action gets pressed.

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For Small Businesses & Startups

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